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We are an independent videogame studio based in Berlin, Germany, formed in 2011 for the purpose of creating fun and unique cross platform games. While first developing games for mobile platforms we switched focus to console games with Teslapunk for XboxOne being the first console release.


Teslapunk is a classic 2D shoot-em-up with fast-paced arcade gameplay. You have to defend earth against an invasion from Mars lead by Emperor Zangórax who back on Mars is a popular DJ by night and a frantic invader by day. The Invasion takes you through 6 different levels each uniquely designed.

Additionally there is a Survival Game Mode where you can level up your ship and buy helpful items.

Telsapunk is available for Xbox One and Series X|S, WiiU and Steam.

Teslapunk Mobile

Teslapunk mobile is free to play and features 3 levels of Teslapunk in a touch control optimized version. It brings the fun, classic 2D shoot-em-up to your phone or tablet.

With optional social features you can connect to Facebook and compare your highscore with your friends.

Telsapunk mobile is not available anymore. Please get the console or PC version instead.


In LeaderFlip you take it on your country leaders, who - most probably - not always perform according to your expectations. Instead of listening to more unfulfilled promises, you decide to just flip them up until they reach the moon (and hopefully never come back).

Currently you are targeting Angie Makel - well, does it ring a bell? All tied up you have to make use of floating platforms, which will flip Angie higher up if you make her jump on them. You control the platforms by tilting your phone.

Scattered around the platforms there are items, that will either help you to push her higher or her by slowing you down.Look out for coins, because by using the coins updates can be bought from the shop. Items range from clothes to make Angie lighter - and jump higher - to specials like a rocket backpack.

Leaderflip is not available anymore.

Older Games

We published several small mobile apps and games which are no longer supported or available.


Stereoscopic 3D game for Xbox Live Indie Games. 3D perception is not an option but a must. Steer you spaceship through 30 3D levels. Complete a level by eliminating the floating rings. Time is limited and numerous obstacles and monster try to hinder and destroy you. We will probable republish a VR version.

Bullet Babs

Classic shoot-em-up with a tricky dual weapon mechanism, lots of enemies, lots of bullets and a story to tell.

Santa Melia

Christmas themed jump and run game. Accelerate by tilting your phone and tap to jump.

Two Hand Painter

Painting app with a unique new drawing interaction for multi touch devices.