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Bullet Babs

Classic shoot'em up with a tricky dual weapon mechanism, lots of enemies, lots of bullets and a story to tell.

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Santa Melia

Christmas themed jump and run game. Accelerate by tilting your phone and tap to jump.

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Only real stereoscopic game for XBLIG! 3D perception is not an option but a must. Anaglyph and side by side.

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Painting app with a unique new drawing interaction for multi touch devices.

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Tired of your country leader? Flip your leader to moon! Try to flip them away as high as you can.

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This fast paced classic arcade style 2D shoot-em-up will draw you in a universe of electricity with a unique art style and deep game play. Play as Nikola Tesla and defeat Dr. Mabuse who is invading our planet to install an empire of crime.

XBOX One release on 7th October 2015!

WiiU release TBA.

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Teslapunk Mobile

A shorter free to play version of Teslapunk is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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